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Omdenken - The Dutch Art of Flipthinking

'Omdenken' is the Dutch word for flipthinking. It's a creative thinking technique that teaches you how to transform a problem into an opportunity. This way of thinking helps you look at reality the way it is, and focus on what you can do with it. You use the problem’s energy to create something new.

The founder of Omdenken is Berthold Gunster, best-selling author of thirteen books.

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What is Omdenken?

You can Omdenk any problem in your life, whether it’s work, love, family or personally related. Omdenken finally offers a no-nonsense way to free your mind.

We made a short video to show you more about Omdenken and how it works, including two fun examples.

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How to flipthink a problem?

The Omdenken strategy

Another video with some good examples to get you more familiar with the Omdenken theory.

Omdenken in your company?

How to learn Omdenken?

The best ways to learn the Dutch art of flipthinking is through our books or through our corporate shows:

Workshops and webinars for your company

Our shows

You can learn all the tools of Omdenken at our corporate, incompany shows. Our shows are dazzling fast-paced in-company training sessions and workshops.

We offer various shows which all feature comedy, music, theatre and theory. In 40 minutes, 75 minutes or 2.5 hours we will give you an innovative experience and teach you a new way of thinking. We trained people all around the world: from Germany to Curacao and Greece to Singapore.

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The Dutch art of flipthinking

Our books

Three of our thirteen best selling books have been translated into English.

  • Omdenken: The Dutch art of flipthinking. This our smallest and also our most famous book. This little booklet describes the basis of Omdenken with a lot of vivid examples.
  • Huh?! - The Omdenken technique. In this book you'll learn about the 15 strategies you can use to turn a problem into a possibility.
  • Omdenken at work. This is our newest book in the series of little booklets about Omdenken. It's about all the problems we face as employers and employees. And about how we could flip these problems around.
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Want to know more about us?

We are a small company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We have about 10 people working in the office, and 12 very dedicated freelance trainers and technicians.

The company was founded by best selling author Berthold Gunster in 1996. The former theatre director came up with the idea to create an interactive workshop that incorporates theatrical elements such as cabaret, theatre, theory and audience participation. The core of the workshop revolves around our human tendency to respond to life’s problems by saying “Yes-But”.

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