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Omdenken shows and workshops

Want to know more about the shows, workshops and webinars we offer? Read more below or get in touch with us for more info on pricing and bookings.

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Workshops, trainings and webinars

About our shows

Our programs are dazzling fast-paced in-company training sessions and workshops. We offer various programs which all feature comedy, music, theatre and theory.

We will make sure everything is taken care of: the set, the sound system and if necessary a stage. You only need to arrange a suitable space that is well-lit. Omdenken can host programs for groups ranging from 15 to 2,500 people.

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The benefits

Why book an Omdenken show?

The audience can expect an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

We promise that people will learn a lot and laugh a lot. The audience will get a collective and eye-opening experience on how to recognize rusty thinking patterns. will learn how to create new ways of thinking. People will start to take their first steps towards stopping what we call ‘stuck-thinking’ and embracing flipthinking. This benefits the team spirit and company culture.

Omdenkshow over communicatie

Is Omdenken a fit for my organization?

For who?

Our programs are suitable for any educational level and for any sector.

We have given programs to large corporations such as Philips and Heineken and to small ambitious start-ups. In addition, a large part of our customer base works in the public sector, such as the Dutch ministries, police, hospitals and universities.


What kind of shows do we offer?

Omdenken Show - short
40 minutes
15-200 participants
The perfect energizer to start or finish the day.

Omdenken Show - long
75 minutes
15-2500 participants
An interactive theatrical show about the do’s and don’ts of Omdenken.

Omdenken Show - extended version
2,5 hours
15-1000 participants
The optimal mix of show, theory, game and interaction on Omdenken.

Omdenken Training
3 hours or 6 hours
Up till 24 participants
A disruptive immersion into the surprising world of Omdenken.

Omdenken Webinar
75 minutes
1-5000 participants
Interactive, funny and original. Completely online, no pants required.


Omdenken Webinar

As expected we got the unexpected. This webinar is a 75-minute fun, interactive programme made for these strange times.

Check out the video for a short impression. Interested in a webinar for your team of company? Contact us for prices and possibilities.

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