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Flip Thinking Podcast

In the Flip Thinking Podcast you’ll listen to intimate conversations between Berthold Gunster and his guests. Together, they’ll explore the guest's personal problem and try to make it feel lighter or make it disappear altogether.

A highly relatable, insightful and open hearted podcast with plenty of humor, even in the heaviest topics.

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Would you like to be our guest?

Do you have a personal problem that you want to discuss with Berthold in the podcast? That's possible! Fill out this form and we will get in touch if we want to know more about you or the problem.

More info about the podcast or the process? Or read it here. Note: for now we can only welcome guests in our studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The guests: how are they now?

Curious how the guests of the podcast are doing now? Many of them shared an update with us a few weeks or months after their conversation with Berthold. Click here to read all the stories.

More about the podcast

In the Flip Thinking Podcast Berthold Gunster talks to a new guest every week about his or her problem. This could be anything: fear of failure, a bipolar disorder, fear of public speaking, not speaking your mind, being too ambitious, weight struggles. Together they look for ways to make the problem feel lighter or disappear altogether.

They can do this in several ways. Sometimes they can simply solve the problem, but more often than not they’ll find that they have to let go of expectations or views they hold about themselves. At other times they can only observe the fact that there is a problem, without judging it. And in some cases, they can flip think the problem.

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More about the host

Best-selling author Berthold Gunster

Berthold Gunster is the author of international bestseller 'Flip Thinking: The Life-changing Art of Transforming Problems into Opportunities.'

In this book he introduces the power of flip thinking to transform stuck-in-the-mud, pessimistic 'yes, but' thinking into an inventive, curious 'yes, and' mindset. Berthold presents his fifteen flip thinking strategies that will transform your thinking away from limitations and threats and towards possibilities and opportunities. His strategies and stories will have you approaching even the most challenging problems, at work, home and at play, in a whole new way.

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The Dutch art of Omdenken

About Flip Thinking

'Omdenken' is the Dutch word for flip thinking. It's a creative thinking technique that teaches you how to transform a problem into an opportunity.

This way of thinking helps you look at reality the way it is, and focus on what you can do with it. You use the problem’s energy to create something new. It's a technique to transform frustration into a new, desirable, sparkling reality.

Want to know more? Read all about flip thinking here or take a look at Berthold Gunster's book Flip Thinking. It's available anywhere books are sold.

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