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Try-out Omdenken Clinic XXL in English


Have you heard about Omdenken, the Dutch art of flip-thinking? Visit the try-out of our Clinic XXL in an informal and intimate setting.

About this Event

Our Clinic XXL is a flashy and interactive initiation into the world of flip-thinking. We are always trying to make our shows better, so we are hosting some try-outs to test out new material.

Caution: you’ll be left wanting more!

What is the difference between yes-but thinking and yes-and thinking, thinking in terms of threats or in terms of opportunities?

We assume that most people are more than willing to approach problems in a yes-and manner. But we often lack the tools to do so. The Omdenken Clinic XXL will help you find these tools and apply them.

This humorous and lightning-quick programme demonstrates that yes-and thinking can be quite difficult; one way or another we’re all used to colouring inside the lines.

The programme is performed in a theatre-style layout in our cosy wharf cellar that holds just 36 seats. Because we spend a good amount of time practicing with problem case studies, the Omdenken Clinic is highly interactive.

The Clinic XXL will be hosted by trainer Dave Mangene and actor Chris King Perryman. The whole show will be in English.

When? Monday April 1st, 2019. We start at 8.30 PM.
Where? Omdenken, Oudegracht 263 a/d Werf, 3511NM Utrecht
Price? €15,-

Wanna join? Click here for tickets.
We also created a Faccebook event.

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Eigen omdenkverhaal? Denk mee! We zijn altijd op zoek naar mooie staaltjes omdenkerij.

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